When turning right into main road 3 times check

Check 3 times – right, left and right again and then turn right.

When good time to signal

From main road to side road – 6 car length (do it early enough to prepare traffic behind for your manouevre)
From side road to main road – 4-6 car length (you can do it later as it’s side road so less critical than being on main road)

Priorities in emerging on crossroads

The general rule for priorities when emerging from crossroads is that right turning traffic should give way to oncoming traffic.

The vehicle with the priority in the following example if the two minor side roads were one major road, however do not assume that the other driver will comply. Despite not having priority the other driver may want you to proceed first and therefore you need to learn to watch and anticipate the other driver’s actions.

The diagram below shows that no one has priority in this situation. The driver to arrive first would usually proceed first but you need to watch carefully to see what you think the other driver will do.

The situation in the diagram below shows the red car’s progress is blocked by queueing traffic therefore you may proceed despite not having priority because the red car will probably give you priority. However, make sure this is the case. As the driver of the red car will need to take extra observations due to the bushes around the mouth of the junction, you can turn without impeding the driver.

Roundabout exiting on 3rd lane problem explained

If you are exiting on right hand lane – while existing have a look to left lane for any overtaking car/motorcycle, overtaking is not possible because u occupied right lane
If you are exiting on left hand lane – while existing have a look to right lane for any undertaking car/motorcycle, undertaking is not possible because u occupied left lane

Дополнение от автора: когда подьезжаю к 3ей линии, находясь на правом (внутреннем) круге и сигнал поворотник ещё на правой стороне мигает, первым делом посмотреть в левое зеркало (а не начать переключать как я делал раньше), приоритет посмотреть в левое зеркало:
Если на левом круге нет машин, то переключить на левый сигнал поворотника и по касательной выезжать плавно на левый круг, при этом любая машина на вьезде на круг будет продолжать ожидать т.к. приоритет у меня т.к. я на круге, далее выезжая с круга по левому кругу. При выезде с круга можно мельком посмотреть в правое зеркало нет ли overtaking-a справа.
Если на левом круге есть машина то, либо продолжить движение по правому (внутреннему) кругу сделать ещё один оборот и повторить попытку, при этом сигнал правого поворотника остается мигающим, либо выехать сразу с правой полосы круга на правую полосу дороги, в таком случае сигнал поворотник должен быть переведен в исходное положение?

Turning right (from main road to side road)

Make sure the side road brake line is on top of your right side mirror and turn right, then you precisely get rightly into the side road middle

When turning right into the main road

When turning right into the main road, always check not only left and right traffic but a traffic in front of you (if any). If you don’t see the intension of traffic in front of you keep waiting and don’t move first.

When crossroad ahead

When you are driving your road and instructor if quiet, a satnav is quiet but you see a crossroad ahead always slow down your speed and judge forward both sides of crossroad in a good time. You may need to stop if a car is passing through on the crossroad.

When on one way road

When you are on one way road there is no opposite traffic. At the end of one way road no opposite traffic. At the end of the one way road you might have 2 exits with two “Give way” sign on pavement, to turn left and to turn right, try to judge it in good time and if you intend to turn right stay on the right side if you are in the middle or on the right side of the road already. Move to left exit only if you intend to turn left.

What is normal unleaded petrol ?

Standard unleaded petrol is 91. Premium unleaded is both 95 and 98. Those numbers – 91, 95 and 98 – are the so-called ‘octane rating’ of the fuel.

Car Offiside (Driver) and Nearside (Passenger)